Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop client allows computers running the MorphOS, Amiga OS4, AROS, or Amiga 68K or compatible Operating System to connect to Microsoft Windows XP Pro, 2000 Server (with Terminal Services), Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista (Business/Ultimate/Enterprise) and Windows 7 for remote management and operability.  It allows the user to fully use the remote computer from any location – as long as both machines are online and remote desktop has been enabled on the Windows host.

Features – Registered Version

Windows Vista and Windows 7 connectivity, Automatic Stack checking, Persistant Cache, Connection Bar, Mouse Adjustments, Performance Increases, RDesktopGUI-1.17

How to get the Registered Version

Please click on the Paypal button “Donate” below and receive the latest version with the new features. You will be E-mailed the registered version once payment is confirmed.  Any donation amount is appreciated to pay the developers for further enhancements and bug fixes.

Note: Audio re-direction does not work on Vista or Windows 7.

Note: For “stuck key” issues see this link for a registry fix:


Try the Free Demo version  – Download links below!

Features – Demo Version

Connect to NT/2000 Server/2003 Server/XP Pro, Window or Full Screen, Audio re-direction, Clipboard support, Full Featured GUI, Connect to Multiple remote machines, 16-bit Colour Support


Download Demo Versions

RDesktop OS4 Demo
RDesktop-68K-Demo (Link is fixed now – October 30, 2015)
RDesktop AROS Full Version (New!)

Specific AROS features:

First port using 1.6.0 rdesktop sources
Native AROS pointer
Specific GUI
No sound re-direction
Many thanks to Yannick Erb for the AROS port!

RDesktop-1.6-morphos (New!)

Gallery of Imagesscreen13 screen12 screen11-1024x819 screen11 screen10-1024x819 screen10 screen9-1024x819 screen9 screen8-1024x819 screen7-300x298 screen6-300x273 screen1-300x173 screen13-1024x819


  1. Link to 68k demo is broken?

    • I will get it fixed as asap. Must have died when I moved the site to a new server. Thanks

      • Hi, I’m trying to leave a comment about the PCI USB card on the Classic hardware section, but I keep getting ‘bounced’ to an internal server error, got a solution ?

        How come you don’t have an email link for these pages?

  2. The link to the 68k demo is still broken 😀

  3. The link to 68k demo is broken again 🙁

  4. Hi, for the 68K client does the old RdesktopMUI GUI still work on the current version of Rdesktop ?

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