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Updated Amithlon Kernel 4 released

Milan has posted to the Amithlonopen mailing list about the availability of an updated “Kernel 4” for Amithlon. ┬áDetails below!



I have released the latest kernel 4 with newer hardware added. As i said before there is ati mobility radeon 9600/9700 (with partial hw acceleration, fill_rect and copy_rect) as well as pcx5300, pcx5750 and pcx5900. Pci-e cards are not tested yet but i expect full hardware acceleration on these video cards. Feedback is required. There are some potential cards i wish to include in later kernel versions. I am asking for donation so i can buy a few of them. These are pretty cheap cards and working blindly on hw acceleration without testing on actual hardware is not an option so small donations for kernel 4 are highly required to support future development. Thank you guys.

Place as usual:

There are 3 versions, just smaller in size. If you have ide drives and no sata you can use kernel with ide controllers. There is a version with both ide and sata controllers and a kernel with ide, sata and additional third party scsi controllers. Also linux side amithlon drivers included for sound, ethernet and serial.