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Varisys committs to AmigaONE platform






Varisys commits to AmigaOne platform

AmiWest 2011, Sacramento, 21st October 2011

A-EON Technology is pleased to announce Varisys, the official developer and manufacturer of the Nemo motherboard for AmigaOne X1000, has strengthened its commitment to the AmigaOne platform.

Throughout the Nemo development phase Varisys has proved an extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive partner. A-EON Technology director Trevor Dickinson said, “We have been very satisfied with Varisys commitment, dedication and quality. When it comes to leading edge PowerPC hardware their level of technical expertise is possibly unrivalled. As a result Varisys has contracted to work on several new development projects to improve and extend the AmigaOne product line.”

Adam Barnes, Varisys Technical Director said, “There is some exciting cutting edge PowerPC technology on the horizon and we are delighted to have the opportunity of bringing this to the AmigaOne platform.”

Varisys Managing Director Paul Gentle added, “We enjoyed working on the Nemo development which provided our first experience of the global Amiga community. We look forward to extending our relationship with the new projects and will do our best to.”

Please refer to the Varisys and A-EON Technology website for future updates.

About Varisys.

Varisys is a producer of Commercial Off The Shelf and provider of bespoke hardware design and manufacturing services for industrial and embedded computing applications. The High Wycombe, UK based company was founded in 2000 by Paul Gentle and Adam Barnes and has earned a reputation for delivering high quality products with a specialisation in PowerPC and FPGA hardware. Varisys have customers in a wide range of industries, in manufacturing, military applications and telecommunications, and are perhaps best known for their development of the PowerPC G4 motherboard used in the immensely popular WholeHog III lighting control console.

A-EON Announces First Contact : AmigaOne X1000 Limited Edition

AmiWest 2011, Sacramento, 21st October 2011

AmigaKit and A-EON Technology are pleased to announce that AmigaKit is now taking pre-orders for a First Contact Limited Edition version of the AmigaOne X1000 System.

The First Contact system comprises a fully equipped AmigaOne X1000 complete with the official Boing Ball case and AmigaOS4.1 Update 5 pre-installed. It is also supplied with a license for AmigaOS4.2 which can be downloaded when it is released by Hyperion Entertainment. Matthew Leaman of AmigaKit said “As part of our ongoing commitment to the Amiga community we are delighted to be able to offer the AmigaOne X1000 to our customers. Based on current manufacturing schedules we hope to have the first systems ready for Christmas & New Year delivery.”  A-EON Technology director Trevor Dickinson added “Its been a long and, at times, difficult journey but we are pleased that the Amiga community will finally have access to this exciting new hardware for the AmigaOS4.”

The First Contact system includes the official AmigaOne X1000 Boing Ball case in either black or white and includes the Nemo rev 2.1 motherboard complete with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a Radeon HD4650 graphics card, 500GB HDD,
DVR R/W optical drive, Audio & Ethernet cards.

Prices start from: £1699, USD $2682.56 (excluding AmigaOS4 license, shipping, handling and sales tax).

Optional extras include the Boing Ball keyboard & mouse, Ram, HDD & Optical drive upgrade options plus Debian Squeeze pre-installed in a dual booting configuration with AmigaOS4. Please refer to the special A1-X1000 system configurator on the AmigaKit website for pricing and upgrade options.

All orders will be processed on a first come first served basis.

About AmigaKit.

AmigaKit is a trading division of Leaman Computing Ltd based in Cardiff, UK. It acquired the stock of Eyetech Group Ltd in 2006 and quickly established itself as a worldwide market leader in the retail and distribution of Amiga hardware and software.

A-EON Technology appointed AmigaKit as its primary distributor for the AmigaOne X1000 computer.

About A-EON Technology.

A-EON Technology was founded in 2009 to fund the
development of next generation hardware for the Amiga community working in close cooperation with Hyperion Entertainment, the developers of the AmigaOS.

About the AmigaOne X1000.

The AmigaOne X1000 is not like other computers. It is a culmination of efforts by real Amiga enthusiasts and developers to create powerful, modern desktop hardware for the Amiga Operating System. It is the natural evolution of the Amiga’s PowerPC lineage and is based on the PA-Semi Dual-core PA6T-1682M CPU and includes Xena, a “Software Defined Silicon” co-processor. Above all, it runs the latest version of the AmigaOS.

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Hardware Compatibility List

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic WorkbenchAre you an AmigaOS 4.1 Classic user? What hardware is working for you? Post a comment if you have something working and I will update the list!

Here is a work-in-progress list:

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Compatibility Hardware list
[updated June 15, 2015]

Amiga Computers (requires one of the PPC processor cards listed below)

Amiga 1200, 3000(T) and 4000(T)

Note: on-board SCSI of A3000 and A4000T is not supported, use the SCSI controller on the Cyberstorm PPC processor card which is fully supported with a native DMA enabled driver, or the on-board IDE controller in the Amiga 1200 or 4000(T), or one of the IDE controllers listed below.

Processor Cards

phase5 or DCE Blizzard PPC (all models – no SCSI driver yet)
phase5 or DCE Cyberstorm PPC (all models)

Memory Expansions

ZorRAM 128MB or 256MB (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
DKB 3128 Zorro Memory Card (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
Indivision’s BigRamPlus 256MB RAM (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
Generic Zorro 3 memory support (in theory any Zorro 3 memory should be found and configured automatically)

PCI BusBoard Expansions

Elbox Mediator A1200 (all models)
Elbox Mediator 3/4000 (all models including the new MK-II version)
Maytay Prometheus
Firestorm (upgraded Prometheus)
DCE GREX 1200 or 4000 – Support for Voodoo 3 and RTL8029 ONLY! Experimental Support in Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition and up.

Zorro Backplanes

RBM Towerhawk Zorro backplane
Elbox ZorroIV (Winner Z4)

A quick note about PCI cards in general: There are many different types of cards, with different BIOS, firmware, voltages, and circuit board layouts.  Therefore each card must be tested in your own machine to see if it works.  Even if a card is listed here it does not guarantee it will work in your machine due to the reasons above – you just have to try it.

Graphics Cards (PCI)

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB (128MB visible) (card is 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt)
Elbox ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB (5 Volt only)
Elbox ATI Radeon 9200 PCI 64MB (5 Volt only)
Radeon 9200 256MB (RV280/M9+) (3.3 Volt card working in modified 3.3 volt A4000 Mediator)
3DFX Voodoo Banshee 16MB PCI (no Warp3D, no overlay, no hardware pointer)
3DFX Voodoo 3 16MB (including Warp3D and DDC)
3DFX Voodoo 4 32MB (including Warp3D)
3DFX Voodoo 5 64MB (only 32MB recognized, including Warp3D)

Graphic Cards (Zorro)

Picasso II or II+
GVP Spectrum
Picasso IV
Piccolo SD64
Retina Z3 (Altais)
Cybervision 64
Cybervision 64/3D

Graphic Cards (other)

Cybervision PPC 8MB Permedia 2 (including Warp3D – beta)
Blizzardvision PPC 8MB Permedia 2 (including Warp3D – beta)


Deneb USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Subway USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Highway USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Algor USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)

Network Cards (PCI)

Realtek 8029(AS) based PCI network card

Network Cards (Zorro)

Commodore 2065 (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
Zeus ConneXion (C= 2065 clone) (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
VillageTronic Ariadne II (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
X-Surf (needs driver version 1.4 or higher).  The on-board IDE does not work.
X-Surf 100

SATA Controllers (PCI)

Sabrent 2 port SATA Raid PCI controller (Silicon Image 3512 chipset) (5V compatible)
No-Name 4 port SATA PCI Controller (Silicon Image 3114 chipset (5V compatible)

IDE Controllers

Silicon Image 0680 based PCI cards (Firestorm only)
Elbox FastATA 1200 MK-III (PIO-0 to PIO-5 modes supported)
4 port adapters IDEFix, EIDE99, FastATA (using scsi.device)

SCSI Adapters/Converters

ACard AEC-7720UW SCSI to IDE converter (Tested in A4000)

Sound Cards (PCI)

Generic PCI Sound Card, Model SCBAS104, ESS Solo-1 1969 chipset (5V Compatible)
Terratec ESS Solo-1 (TTSOLO1-N VER1.1)
ESS Solo-1 (1938 chipset) – confirmed by one user Note: not all variants of this card will work
Soundblaster 128 (see post here on instructions)

Sound Cards (built-in or Zorro)

Concierto IV (Picasso IV add-on sound card)

TV Tuners and video encoders

VillageTronic Picasso IV – Paloma IV (needs modification of kicklayout as documented in FAQ)
VillageTronic Picasso IV – Pablo II

Other Peripherals

Thermaltake BlacX ST0005U e-SATA Hard Drive Dock
(e-SATA bracket or backplate and working SATA PCI controller card required)

Known incompatible Cards:

phase5 FastLane Z3 (machine will not boot with card installed)
DCE GRex 1200 and 4000 (no complete documentation available) – Experimental Support in AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition and up (See PCI BusBoard Expansions above)
AlienDesign Repulse Sound Card


USB devices compatible with Poseidon are not listed here.  They all should work except for USB Sound cards which require an additional file named usbaudio.a.main to be placed in LIBS:  After a cold restart your USB sound card should be available in AHI prefs.  Poseidon must be started in order for the sound to work.

Hyperion releases AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3!

Hyperion Entertainment has released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3.  You can login to the Hyperion website and download it now 🙂

Here is a copy of their Press Release:

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 Released

Brussels – August 29th, 2011

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA and the AmigaOS development team announce the immediate availability for download of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 for registered users of AmigaOS 4.1 on the following platforms:

Update 3, painstakingly assembled by AmigaOS’ project lead Steven Solie after extensive beta testing by our dedicated team of beta testers, contains a substantial part of the new functionality and a wide variety of bug fixes and improvements developed over the last 16 months.

Please note that some new applications (including Timberwolf) will rely on the feature-set of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3.

An incomplete list of features in Update 3 includes:

  • Updated Installation Utility program;
  • Updated PATA and SATA drivers;
  • Improved DOS stability and speed;
  • Fixed Amiga shared object issues;
  • Support for AmigaOne keyboards including boing key swap feature; Set keymap_swapaltamiga to “on” in your firmware to enable;
  • Updated Intuition and GUI components;
  • New consistent full release string including update number;
  • Updated AmiSSL certificates;
  • Updated USB stack with USB 2.0 (EHCI) support;
  • Improved Sam460ex support including sound driver;
  • I2C support for the Sam440ep and Sam460ex platforms;
  • Updated and improved Warp3D support;
  • Faster 2D graphics support;
  • Various kernel fixes for increased stability;
  • Updated MUI with many new features to make porting MUI 4.0 based applications simpler;
  • Improved notifications support.

Hyperion Entertainment wishes to thanks its customers for their continued support in these exciting times for the Amiga platform.

Online support for AmigaOS and Update 3 is provided via Hyperion Entertainment’s Support Forum.

AmigaONE X1000 Photos from AmigaKit!

AmigaKit has posted a series of photos of the recently arrived AmigaONE X1000 beta boards.  Click the link below to take a look!

And here is a Gallery of the AmigaONE X1000 photos!

AmigaONE X1000 beta boards in production

AmigaONE X1000

AmigaONE X1000

A-EON has started production of the AmigaONE X1000 motherboard for beta testers.  The current revision of the board is 2.1.   Read below for the news from A-EON!

Wellington, 4th August 2011

The “Golden” Child – Nemo revision 2.1

A-EON Technology is pleased to announce that the Nemo revision 2.1 “gold” motherboard has passed inspection and full production of boards destined for the AmigaOne X1000 betatest team is now underway. AmigaKit, the official distributor of the A1-X1000, will take delivery of the first batch of boards from Varisys next week and will begin shipments to team members shortly after.

Link: Video of Nemo revision 2.1 motherboard in production –

In other good news Steven Solie, the AmigaOS Development Team Leader, has confirmed that AmigaOS4.2, the latest version of the Amiga Operating System will be released with the AmigaOne X1000.


Let’s “Keep this party going!”

The AmigaOne X1000 is not like other computers. It is the natural evolution of the Amiga’s PowerPC lineage and is a culmination of efforts by real Amiga enthusiasts, developers and betatesters to create powerful, modern desktop hardware for the Amiga Operating System.

Please visit the A-EON Technology website at for more details.

Update: AmigaKit confirms FastATA 1200 MK-IV and Mediators NOW in Stock!

AmigaKit has confirmed in a post on that the new FastATA 1200 MK-IV and also Elbox Mediator 1200TX and 1200 LT4 PCI busboards, compatible with AmigaOS 4.1 Classic are IN STOCK.

Head on over to to check out the product pages!

SCSI and USB hard drive tests, AmigaOS 4.1 Classic

Here is a quick test of hard disk transfer rates using scsispeed 4.2 (AmigaOS 3.9) and 4.3 (AmigaOS 4.1 Classic).  All tests done on the same machine.

Under AmigaOS 3.9 TLSFMem was enabled along with the MAPROM feature of the Cyberstorm PPC and 60ns ram settings to ensure maximum speed.

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic retail version was used with out-of-the-box recommended settings as per the Install guide and FAQ.

The Deneb USB Controller was set to Zorro III mode with DMA enabled under AmigaOS 3.9 and PIO enabled under AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.

Here are the transfer rate results:


And here are the CPU measurements.  CPU percentages were obtained using scsispeed’s built in function under AmigaOS 3.9, and CPUInfo.docky was used with AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.


Ethernet Adapter Speeds, AmigaOS 3.9 and AmigaOS 4.1 Classic

I did some testing on the available Ethernet adapters for AmigaOS 4.1 and compared them against AmigaOS 3.9.  Read below for the test results!

Hardware Setup

Amiga Technologies A4000T
phase 5 Cyberstorm PPC with 233MHz 604e and 50MHz 68060
Deneb Zorro III USB Controller – PIO mode in AmigaOS 4.1, DMA mode in AmigaOS 3.9
D-Link DUB-E100 100Mbit USB Ethernet Adapter
Elbox Mediator A3/4000T
Realtek 8029 based PCI network card 10Mbit
Realtek 8139 based PCI network card 100Mbit
Sapphire Radeon 9250 256MB PCI graphics card
ESS Solo-1 PCI sound card
Dual Boot AmigaOS 3.9 and AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Installed

Testing Methodology

For each test a large file was ftp’ed from a local ftp server into the Amiga 4000T’s RAM disk. Three different files were used – a 10MB file, a 40MB file, and a 102MB file.  The transfer rate at the end of the transfer was recorded for each test.  There was a normally a higher “peak” transfer rate, but since that was not sustained, I recorded the more realistic number at the end of the transfer.

FTP Client Used

I used the fastest client I could for each test.  Under AmigaOS 4.1 it was the included command line ftp program.  In AmigaOS 3.9 the AmiFTP client was fastest.  The included Genesis command line ftp client was very slow for some reason under AmigaOS 3.9.

TCP/IP Stack

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic is using RoadShow
AmigaOS 3.9 is using Genesis 68020 version

Operating System Notes

Stock AmigaOS 4.1 Classic install using DHCP.

AmigaOS 3.9 BB4 with MAPROM feature of Cyberstorm PPC enabled.  In addition, two tests were performed on each ethernet card with TLSFMem enabled.  TLSFMem is designed for AmigaOS 3.x only.   If you don’t know what TLSFMem is you can find information about it on Chris Hodges’ site here.


OK, on to the results!  As you can see enabling TLSFMem under AmigaOS 3.9 makes a huge difference.
Not only does it lower by a little bit the CPU usage, it significantly increases the transfer rate and the overall system feels faster.  You can see the difference in speed between the RTL 8029 and RTL 8139 network cards on AmigaOS 3.9 in the chart below.

Under AmigaOS 4.1 Classic, the RTL8029 can reach 900 KB/sec and peak above that.  Using the USB adapter connected to the Deneb, you can get an even higher 1MB/sec.  There is very little difference in CPU usage in PIO or DMA mode on the Deneb – approximately 5% give or take.  Transfer rates are faster under AmigaOS 4.1, except when TLSFMem is enabled on AmigaOS 3.9.

All results measured in KB/sec (Kilo Bytes per second).

If you are interested in additional test results, you can check out the post by Olaf Barthel who published some results using Ariadne network cards.  The link is over on the English Amiga Board.

AmigaKit announces pending availability of the FastATA 1200 MK-IV!


AmigaKit has announced pending availablility of the FastATA 1200 MK-IV IDE adapter for Amiga 1200 users.

FastATA 1200 MK-IV

FastATA 1200 MK-IV

“FastATA 1200 is the most advanced IDE interface for the Amiga 1200
computer, providing up to PIO-5 performance and LBA 48-bit

Continuing AmigaKit’s commitment to sponsoring development of Classic
Amiga hardware, Elbox have manufactured a new production run of this
popular IDE interface.

FastATA MK-IV is natively supported in the new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.
It is also compatible with the older AmigaOS 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 and 3.9.

Includes the latest AllegroCDFS v3.6 and ATA3 v10 driver software.”

Direct Product Links:

The FastATA 1200 MK-IV is in final quality testing now and will be available in approximately 2 weeks.