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Amiga 4000T and A4000-060 Accelerator
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November 30, 2007:  I had the opportunity recently to acquire a new Amiga 4000T/060.   When I opened the box I was surprised to find a previously unknown (to me) 68060 accelerator...see the unboxing below.  I will follow up shortly with more information and benchmarks...

January 11, 2009: I have made a scan of the manual, you can download it here.


So, have you previously seen this A4000-060 XP Rev. 2 accelerator?  If you have, e-mail me a quick note and tell me where and when :)

It is difficult to see but on this board is space for a 50-pin and also 68-pin SCSI connector.  Unfortunately this board does not have the SCSI....

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