Update #3 on Remote Desktop Progress

Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since my last update, so here is another.

We are nearly there – but working on some stubborn bugs to fix, including an “Out of Space” error when using netdisk on Windows 10, and some issues with saving profiles in the GUI.   I am hopeful we will be able to resolve these issues soon and make a release.

If you have made a donation to the project – thank you very much! If you have not yet donated, please consider it.  It is taking more time and effort than we thought to get to a stable release.  You can click on the “donate” button on this page to make a donation.  Any size of donation helps, even a few Euros help – they do add up if many people donate!

Thank you again for your support an patience.

Note to those who have donated: If you did not receive a copy of the latest beta version please send me an email!  I will send it to you.  darrenhd @ gmail.com   (no spaces).

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