Update on new Remote Desktop progress

Hi everyone, I want to thank you to the (few) of you who have made recent donations for the new version of Remote Desktop.  I really do hope for more donations as very few have come in so far.  Any amount, small or large, is of course very appreciated.

Update on the progress:

-2nd beta version has been tested by me.  It is working on a real Amiga 4000 but as of yet for some unknown reason it does not work on Amithlon or on a Vampire.  We are investigating the cause.   A new version of the Remote Desktop GUI has also been compiled.  It will require MUI5, but is of course optional for you to use the GUI.

A final note, the gracious developer of this new version is Michał Żukowski.   Thank you to Michał for working on this version!

Again donations are welcome at http://www.hd-zone.com/remote-desktop/

Scroll half way down the page and click the yellow “Donate” button.

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