Varisys committs to AmigaONE platform






Varisys commits to AmigaOne platform

AmiWest 2011, Sacramento, 21st October 2011

A-EON Technology is pleased to announce Varisys, the official developer and manufacturer of the Nemo motherboard for AmigaOne X1000, has strengthened its commitment to the AmigaOne platform.

Throughout the Nemo development phase Varisys has proved an extremely knowledgeable and highly responsive partner. A-EON Technology director Trevor Dickinson said, “We have been very satisfied with Varisys commitment, dedication and quality. When it comes to leading edge PowerPC hardware their level of technical expertise is possibly unrivalled. As a result Varisys has contracted to work on several new development projects to improve and extend the AmigaOne product line.”

Adam Barnes, Varisys Technical Director said, “There is some exciting cutting edge PowerPC technology on the horizon and we are delighted to have the opportunity of bringing this to the AmigaOne platform.”

Varisys Managing Director Paul Gentle added, “We enjoyed working on the Nemo development which provided our first experience of the global Amiga community. We look forward to extending our relationship with the new projects and will do our best to.”

Please refer to the Varisys and A-EON Technology website for future updates.

About Varisys.

Varisys is a producer of Commercial Off The Shelf and provider of bespoke hardware design and manufacturing services for industrial and embedded computing applications. The High Wycombe, UK based company was founded in 2000 by Paul Gentle and Adam Barnes and has earned a reputation for delivering high quality products with a specialisation in PowerPC and FPGA hardware. Varisys have customers in a wide range of industries, in manufacturing, military applications and telecommunications, and are perhaps best known for their development of the PowerPC G4 motherboard used in the immensely popular WholeHog III lighting control console.

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