AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Hardware Compatibility List

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic WorkbenchAre you an AmigaOS 4.1 Classic user? What hardware is working for you? Post a comment if you have something working and I will update the list!

Here is a work-in-progress list:

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Compatibility Hardware list
[updated June 15, 2015]

Amiga Computers (requires one of the PPC processor cards listed below)

Amiga 1200, 3000(T) and 4000(T)

Note: on-board SCSI of A3000 and A4000T is not supported, use the SCSI controller on the Cyberstorm PPC processor card which is fully supported with a native DMA enabled driver, or the on-board IDE controller in the Amiga 1200 or 4000(T), or one of the IDE controllers listed below.

Processor Cards

phase5 or DCE Blizzard PPC (all models – no SCSI driver yet)
phase5 or DCE Cyberstorm PPC (all models)

Memory Expansions

ZorRAM 128MB or 256MB (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
DKB 3128 Zorro Memory Card (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
Indivision’s BigRamPlus 256MB RAM (Amiga 3000(T) or Amiga 4000(T) only)
Generic Zorro 3 memory support (in theory any Zorro 3 memory should be found and configured automatically)

PCI BusBoard Expansions

Elbox Mediator A1200 (all models)
Elbox Mediator 3/4000 (all models including the new MK-II version)
Maytay Prometheus
Firestorm (upgraded Prometheus)
DCE GREX 1200 or 4000 – Support for Voodoo 3 and RTL8029 ONLY! Experimental Support in Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition and up.

Zorro Backplanes

RBM Towerhawk Zorro backplane
Elbox ZorroIV (Winner Z4)

A quick note about PCI cards in general: There are many different types of cards, with different BIOS, firmware, voltages, and circuit board layouts.  Therefore each card must be tested in your own machine to see if it works.  Even if a card is listed here it does not guarantee it will work in your machine due to the reasons above – you just have to try it.

Graphics Cards (PCI)

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB (128MB visible) (card is 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt)
Elbox ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB (5 Volt only)
Elbox ATI Radeon 9200 PCI 64MB (5 Volt only)
Radeon 9200 256MB (RV280/M9+) (3.3 Volt card working in modified 3.3 volt A4000 Mediator)
3DFX Voodoo Banshee 16MB PCI (no Warp3D, no overlay, no hardware pointer)
3DFX Voodoo 3 16MB (including Warp3D and DDC)
3DFX Voodoo 4 32MB (including Warp3D)
3DFX Voodoo 5 64MB (only 32MB recognized, including Warp3D)

Graphic Cards (Zorro)

Picasso II or II+
GVP Spectrum
Picasso IV
Piccolo SD64
Retina Z3 (Altais)
Cybervision 64
Cybervision 64/3D

Graphic Cards (other)

Cybervision PPC 8MB Permedia 2 (including Warp3D – beta)
Blizzardvision PPC 8MB Permedia 2 (including Warp3D – beta)


Deneb USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Subway USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Highway USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)
Algor USB Controller (requires Poseidon 4.x)

Network Cards (PCI)

Realtek 8029(AS) based PCI network card

Network Cards (Zorro)

Commodore 2065 (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
Zeus ConneXion (C= 2065 clone) (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
VillageTronic Ariadne II (requires user supplied driver to be placed in DEVS:networks)
X-Surf (needs driver version 1.4 or higher).  The on-board IDE does not work.
X-Surf 100

SATA Controllers (PCI)

Sabrent 2 port SATA Raid PCI controller (Silicon Image 3512 chipset) (5V compatible)
No-Name 4 port SATA PCI Controller (Silicon Image 3114 chipset (5V compatible)

IDE Controllers

Silicon Image 0680 based PCI cards (Firestorm only)
Elbox FastATA 1200 MK-III (PIO-0 to PIO-5 modes supported)
4 port adapters IDEFix, EIDE99, FastATA (using scsi.device)

SCSI Adapters/Converters

ACard AEC-7720UW SCSI to IDE converter (Tested in A4000)

Sound Cards (PCI)

Generic PCI Sound Card, Model SCBAS104, ESS Solo-1 1969 chipset (5V Compatible)
Terratec ESS Solo-1 (TTSOLO1-N VER1.1)
ESS Solo-1 (1938 chipset) – confirmed by one user Note: not all variants of this card will work
Soundblaster 128 (see post here on instructions)

Sound Cards (built-in or Zorro)

Concierto IV (Picasso IV add-on sound card)

TV Tuners and video encoders

VillageTronic Picasso IV – Paloma IV (needs modification of kicklayout as documented in FAQ)
VillageTronic Picasso IV – Pablo II

Other Peripherals

Thermaltake BlacX ST0005U e-SATA Hard Drive Dock
(e-SATA bracket or backplate and working SATA PCI controller card required)

Known incompatible Cards:

phase5 FastLane Z3 (machine will not boot with card installed)
DCE GRex 1200 and 4000 (no complete documentation available) – Experimental Support in AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition and up (See PCI BusBoard Expansions above)
AlienDesign Repulse Sound Card


USB devices compatible with Poseidon are not listed here.  They all should work except for USB Sound cards which require an additional file named usbaudio.a.main to be placed in LIBS:  After a cold restart your USB sound card should be available in AHI prefs.  Poseidon must be started in order for the sound to work.

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40 Responses to AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Hardware Compatibility List

  1. davebraco says:


    This video card worked well with my config :
    3DFX Voodoo Banshee 16Mo PCI (no Warp3D, no overlay, no hardware pointer).
    Now I have a Radeon 9250.

    I also use an IDEFix express (natively supported) with 2 ide harddisk, a cdrm and a Zip 250 drive.

    I’ve tried a PCMCIA ethernet card (PSION DACOM Gold Card) with the cnet.device found on aminet. It works but need a reboot to be active so I’ve kept my RTL8029.

  2. Harald says:

    Hi This card is actually NOT working! Bought directly from Elbox. Symptoms are
    booting from Floppy…..reset…..booting CD…..reset…..OS4.1 initializes the Radeon and schows thousends of colored pixels instead of the Bootlogo… boots 2 seconds…system hangs!

    here are the specs of the Card:

    The gfx card based on the Radeon 9200 (RV280/M9+) chipset with digital DVI (HDMI compatible) and analogue VGA outputs. It works with all Mediator models – Mediator 1200, 1200LT2, 1200LT4, 1200SX, 1200TX, 1200Z4, 3000D, 3/4000T, 4000T, 4000Di and 4000D. The card includes 5V -> 3.3V converters on-board (required for Mediators 4000D, 4000Di, 3/4000T, 3000, 1200LT4, 1200LT2, 1200Z4 and 1200). It does not requires a 3.3V rail on the PCI bus. The card includes 256MB of the fast DDR400 SDRAM memory.

    • 128-bit 2D and 3D Multimedia Accelerator
    • 256MB DDR400 SDRAM memory
    • DVI-D output, can be converted to a HDMI output using a DVI-to-HDMI adapter
    • VGA output
    • 400MHz integrated RAMDAC for refresh rates up to 200Hz
    • Resolution up to 2048x1536x32@85Hz

    • DarrenHD says:

      I guess the latest update on this is Elbox was able to reproduce the incompatibility…so we will see, hopefully a fix can be arranged.

    • Neil Pearson says:

      Which Classic Amiga are you using the Radeon 9200 in? A4000, A3000 or A1200?

  3. DarrenHD says:


    We’ll have to see the debug log output, as I don’t think any of the beta testers had that exact card if it is really a 9200 and not 9250.

  4. DarrenHD says:


    I’ve added the Banshee to the list 🙂 thanks for the report!

  5. drbrain says:

    I have a Radeon 9200 256MB (RV280/M9+) in my A4000 with Mediator4000Di MK-II and it works great in OS4.1 (and OS3.9).
    All 256MB is seen by OS4.1 and they’re addressed as one segment.

    It’s a +3.3V card but I’ve modified my Mediator to allow +3.3V cards.
    It’s this card..
    No manufacturer identification on it so I don’t know who makes it.

  6. Pekdar says:

    Known incompatible Cards:
    FastATA 4000 IDE controller

    • DarrenHD says:

      Did you try “AllowBasePageAccess” in the bootloader ? Modify your startup-sequence and change the C:bootloader line to:

      c:bootloader COMMANDLINE=”AllowBasePageAccess”

      Cold reboot…see if it works.

    • Jonathan Emery-Barker says:

      I found the FastATA4000 MK VI is working perfectly on my a3000 with mediator and cyberstormPPC. It even recognised the SSD and CDROM drive for the installation. If only I could get my x-surf 100 to work….

  7. Grisza says:

    Hi!a have this card: this card is working with Os 4.1.

  8. nobodyii says:

    Here are the specs from PCIInfo:

    VendorID: $125d
    VendorName: ESS Technology
    DeviceID: $1969
    DeviceName: ES72222 Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive family

    The main chip on the card is labeled with “ESS Solo-1 ES1938S”

    Best regards – and thank you for your work!

  9. easy_john says:

    How about toccata?
    For me – it was great sound card, work very good in 3.x and 4.0.
    (I found i bit clipping sound where inserted with mediator, but i think it may be fixed)..

    • DarrenHD says:

      If it worked in 4.0 it should work in 4.1, but it will need testing. If you can confirm the Toccata works I will update the list.

      • easy_john says:

        Toccata work very good on amigaos4.0 in amiga4000 on zorro daughterboard. It works, but have some strange clipping sound in amiga4000 with mediator and pci video card.
        I stil not have 4.1, so currently can’t prove 4.1 work.

        • Jonathan Emery-Barker says:

          I have my toccata working well in os 4.1fe on my a3000. I am also using a mediator with a radeon 9250 zorro bigramplus, x surf 100 with rapidroad. All works fine.

  10. Neil Pearson says:

    The Terratec SOLO cards I have, are fitted with the ESS1938S chipset. I have not seen a Terratec SOLO soundcard fitted with a different chipset than that, so far. The one I have works under OS3.9 with the Elbox Mediator drivers, and I just hope it’s going to be OK with Classic OS4.1+

    • DarrenHD says:

      There is at least one report of the 1938 chipset working so give it a try.

      • Dan says:

        I got a Yamaha Solo ESS 1 card with 1938s chip set (off ebay) and it works fine; Ibelieve the seller has more. The SB128 with Paula “merge” works quite well


  11. natamix says:

    Diamond Multimedia Stealth is exactly equal to the Sapphire 9250 256mb can anyone confirm if it works?

  12. Godfather says:

    Hi, use a Picasso IV GFX Card. the AOS 4.1 FAQ said that Overlay is possible but DvPlayer doesn´t work? please advise,…. Thanx

    • DarrenHD says:

      Please try with MPlayer – I believe the problem is in DV Player and not the Picasso IV Overlay support.

  13. Panos says:

    A OS4.1 version for classic Amiga 2000 with 040 and up accelerator card. This would be a very big improvement! Albeit with some limitations. We have all right to dream. And such a software I would have no problem to buy it!

  14. Neil Pearson says:

    Hi Darren,

    I’ve not been back for a while, but it seems your link on Hyperion forum is out of date/incorrect for this page as it reads: it’s just the “05” that needs changing to “09” I believe.

  15. danbeaver says:

    Thylacine USB card works fine.

    FastATA 4000 does not

  16. danbeaver says:

    Indivision’s BigRamPlus 256MB RAM expansion works fine. The SCSI Card Reader ( works with being mounted for reads only for present.

  17. Luigi says:

    Hi is my intention buy 512 mb Big Ram Plus for use as as swap on the Amiga 4000 d equiped with mediator is this fully compatible or i will have problems with it ?

    this is my actual configuration

    My configuration is
    Amiga 4000 D
    Cyberstorm 060 66 and 604e 366 128 Mb ram
    Acard and Verbatim SSD 120 GB
    Maxtor 20 Gb Uide HD
    Mediator 4000 DI
    Radeon 9200 256mb
    Spider USB
    Realteck 10Mbit Lan 8029
    Creative SB 128
    HD FFD .
    Buster 11 and 16mb slow fast and 2 mb chip ram

  18. Dan Beaver says:


    1) AmigaOS 4.1 is a “different beast” from OS 4.0 so hardware compatability is different.

    2) The OS 4.1 developers wrote their own PCI card drivers, thus the PCI cards supported differ from Elbox’s.

    3) Elbox’s use of the PCI’s video card memory & DMA kludge is not consistent with OS 4.1 and PCI.library version 10 won’t fix it.

  19. Daniel Beaver says:

    Hi is my intention buy 512 mb Big Ram Plus for use as as swap on the Amiga 4000 d equiped with mediator is this fully compatible or i will have problems with it ?

    this is my actual configuration

    My configuration is
    Amiga 4000 D
    Cyberstorm 060 66 and 604e 366 128 Mb ram
    Acard and Verbatim SSD 120 GB
    Maxtor 20 Gb Uide HD
    Mediator 4000 DI
    Radeon 9200 256mb
    Spider USB
    Realteck 10Mbit Lan 8029
    Creative SB 128
    HD FFD .
    Buster 11 and 16mb slow fast and 2 mb chip ram”

    There are no issues; the BigRam+ is chip-identical to the ZorRam; The chips are laid out on one side rather than both sides and only in an A4000T WITH a Mediator does it have to be placed in a slot that avoids the Mediator’s power connector.

  20. Lio says:

    Hi and thx for the list.
    I can confirm that the Elbox ZorroIV board is working (It has the XSurf3 on it and I have no pb accessing the network).

    I have a Catwaeasel2 (anniversary edition) connected to the clockport of the XSurf but disks are not recognized. Do you know if this card is working on classic ? my guess is that it should since it is supported now on the X-1000.

  21. Lio says:

    UPDATE : I can confirm that the CW MK2 anniversary edition is working on AOS4.1 on my A1200PPC.

    The board is connected to the clockport of the Elbox ZorroIV and I am using the latest official 68k drivers from Individual computers.
    It works if you dont tick “enhanced error correction” in the multidisk prefs.
    No need to put multidisk.device and mfm.device in the compatibility list (blacklist)
    It is also more stable if you dont put the corresponding dosdrivers (td1 for instance) in DEVS: for rather in Storage and mount them manually (if activated at boot time, it generates a GR with no way to pass beyond)
    It is also behaving correctly when a disk is inserted/ejected (icon appears/disappears), not like my original df0 !!!

  22. Vasco says:

    Is there a way to get the Spider USB controller working under 4.1 Classic?
    And by the way, is anyone else getting graphical glitches (blacked-out menu options that clear up while scrolling over them) with the Radeon 9200/256MB 5V PCI CARD (RV280/M9+)? It only starts up if I have the Radeon memory switch to 128+128 (instead of 256)… and still I get these glitches.
    I have a A1200+Mediator+BlizzardPPC+256MB RAM.
    Thank you.

  23. PrzemasIII says:

    SCSI Adapters/Converters: ACARD 7722 works fine

  24. My Saphire Radeon 9250 256 MB 5v, it works great. thanks

  25. skynet says:

    I have an Amiga 1200 Rev 1D4, AmigaOS 4.1 FE, mediator 1200 pci first generation PowerPC 603e 256 MB card, Radeon 9200 256MB 5v Elbox home purchase in June 2015 and it does not work!
    I have full of color artifacts.
    OS 3.9 with no problem it operates.

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