Setup serial output debugging on AmigaOS 4.1 Classic

Setup Debugging in AmigaOS 4.1 Classic

1) Modify your Sys:Kickstart/kicklayout-xxxx file (where xxxx is your model number). Change the kernel to kernel.debug. Save the file.

2) Modify your startup sequence so the C:Bootloader line reads:


Save the file.

3) Power off your Amiga.

4) Connect a serial cable to your Amiga’s serial port, and connect the other end to another computer with a serial port.

5) Start the second computer where the cable is attached and start a Terminal program. Set it to a Baud Rate of 57600 8-N-1. Set that Terminal Program to capture the buffer to a file.

6) Turn on your Amiga. After the Kickstart loads and the machine resets, you should start to see serial output on the second computer. Save this output.

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  1. oddvin says:

    I found the answer here if anyone is interested:

    debuglevel [N]
    Sets the debuglevel to level N.
    The debug level is the amount of information that should be output by the debug kernel.
    Debug levels range between 0 to 20 with 0 being no debug, 5 moderate output (all warnings are 5 or lower), 10 being lots of output, and 15 being an insane amount of output (fault conditions from kernel functions are displayed), and 20 being a ludicrous amount of output (entry and exit to functions will be logged).
    Note: higher levels are possible, but will produce too much output to be useful.

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